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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The "Dressing The Historical Bride Program"!!!

Warning: Picture heavy post!

Hello everyone!!!  I hope that this post finds you all more than well!!

Oh my goodness!  I can't believe that it has been over 2 months since I have written a blog post!  EEEEEK!!!  So much has happened in these past two months, so I think I'll forgive myself this sore neglect of blog posting...

I'll write more on that maybe in the future, but for now, I'd like to share with you the "Dressing The Historical Bride" program that We Wear History and The House of Whyte put on two Saturdays ago!  We Wear History and Something Special Antique Store in Meridian, Idaho, do a High Tea/Fashion Show yearly in September and this year's theme was Dressing the Historical Bride.  Not only was it an underwear education program, but also a fun historical walk through bridal wear from 5 fashion eras.  Those eras that were showcased were the 1830s, the 1850s, the 1890s, 1914 and the 1920s!  I had such a fun time researching all the dresses, veils and accessories for this program, but need to schedule my sewing time a lot more carefully!  There were days that I was sewing more that 12 hours a day.  Lately my creative mind has been writing checks that my body and the whole space time continuum thing simply cannot cash!  So, there will be lots of work going on in that arena in the future!

  We had so much fun this year as the ladies are so delightful, elegant, fun, funny and just a true blessing to work with!  We added two new ladies to our "family" this year, Michaela Coy from My Soul is Fed With Needle and Thread and Connie Smith all the way from Texas!!! (Connie is my bestie from Texas, Josie Smith of Josephine Gypsy)

Photos were taken by the talented Colton White (my boy!) and the floral arrangements from 1850s, 1914 and 1920s, were made by my sweet Mama who couldn't be there as she had scheduled knee replacement surgery two days before...(due to some horrid unforseen events, she doesn't have a new knee but does have in and on her tibia 2 plates, 19 screws, 4 wires and 148 staples...yaaaaaaa...more on that later!)

Sooooooo...without further ado, here are the historical brides in their finery!


Miss Molly Palm


Miss Brianna Walker


Miss Mikayla Walker


Miss Aubrielle Holly


Miss Adalea Sparks

My Lovely Brides and Their Dressers!

What is an underwear/bridal fashion show without those lovely ladies who dress the brides?  Here are the fabulous dressers with the brides they were tasked with making ready for the walk down the aisle!

Miss Molly Palm and her real life Mama Mrs. Laura Palm!

Miss Brianna Walker with Mrs. Sarah Mace (who is also Miss Molly's real life aunt and Laura's sister!)

Miss Mikayla Walker (who is Miss Brianna's identical twin sister!) and Mrs. Connie Smith!

Miss Aubrielle Holly with her real life Mama, Mrs. Marilyn Holly!

Miss Adalea Sparks with Miss Michaela Coy!

I may be a bit partial and prejudiced, but I think that these lovely ladies were just stunning!  (They are stunning out of costume as well!)  It was such a thrill seeing them all dressed up!!!

 Every Bride needs an escort to walk them down the aisle!

I have the most fabulous men in my life!  My husband, Greg and my sons, Cody and Colton were so accommodating and agreed to act as tea pot fillers and escorts for the brides during the show!  I was so proud of them!  They also helped to deliver ALL the everything to the venue and take everything home.  I am so blessed!!

(these next 5 pictures were taken by my long time bestie Kay Dyer!)

Miss Molly with Mr. Greg White

Miss Brianna with Mr. Colton White

Miss Mikayla with Mr. Dakota White

Miss Aubrielle with Mr. Greg White

 Miss Adalea with Mr. Colton White

To end with, here are some behind the scenes images of the day.  

I hope that you have enjoyed these photos as much as I do!  They make me so happy!!!  I'll be writing three posts on the newest bridal dresses I made along with posts on the underwear that was made for them in the future...hopefully NOT two months not away!  hahahahah!!!

Be blessed my friends!


Monday, July 10, 2017

1914 "Antique Dress" Reproduction!!

*Warning* Photo Heavy Post!!

Good  Monday to you all!!  I hope that you had a wonderful month of June!  I do apologize for my absence, but the relief I thought would come after the Anniversary party didn't, in fact the anxiety got worse, along with other symptoms that I had been having but are now stronger.  We have discovered that I have adrenal fatigue (sorry Facebook friends if you are reading this again!!) and so I'm taking steps to correct my wacked out stress hormones and attempting to heal myself!  I have put off posting about my Silver Anniversary dress because the thought of taking photos of the dress, editing them and the writing about it caused me no amount of stress.  I really enjoy writing about my dresses and love editing the photos and doing my research and many times a post takes about 1-2 hours.  Well, right now, that is just so overwhelming.  But yesterday I felt good enough to take the pictures and edit them and today feels like a good day to blog about it!  So here we are!

Long ago when Mom and I started planning for our Silver and Gold Wedding Anniversary party, I knew exactly what dress I wanted to recreate!  This magnificent beauty from Antique Dress!!  I seem to have an affinity for this website and their fabulous dresses!! (Remember my 1898 Wedding Ensemble?) The combination of silk satin, gossamer lace, copious quantities of waxed orange blossoms!!  My mouth watered and my eyes dilated just looking at her!

I had originally planned on making it out of silk satin and some lovely lace I found on eBay from China, but family issues, the hard time Colton was having with school along with his depression, mixed with my own personal health/anxiety issues caused me to put this lovely dress recreation on the waaaaaay back burner and relegate it to the "maybe some day" file on the computer.  

Well....the closer it got to the party date, the more excited I got about making the dress and even though I had my 1898 wedding dress, I wanted something special just for this special day.  Then happiness occurred and Greg said he needed to go out of town for a job and was taking Colton with him!!!  I don't like it when my Greg is away from me, but this time I was, "Yes!!  I can sew literally ALL DAY and not have to worry about what I'd cook for dinner or putting make up on or leaving the house for anything!!!!"  I didn't have the time or money to order silk satin so off to the local stores I went. I ended up making it out of a really nice weight poly satin from Hobby Lobby and lace and wonderfully soft, drapey, veil tulle from JoAnn's bridal collection!  

Cody works so he was gone from the house 8:20-6:30, so I quite literally sewed non stop, breaking only for food and the powder room.  In the evenings, Cody and I went out which was fun as we seldom have time alone, so those Mama/19 year old son times were so sweet!  Greg and Colton were supposed to be gone Wednesday night until Monday or Tuesday evening...5-6 whole days to knock out this surprise dress for the party!  Well, Sunday afternoon, Rosie Dog started barking furiously and I look out the window and there is Greg's pick-up and trailer!  I bounded out of the house, I was so happy that he was home!  Gone was my 1-2 extra days of non-stop sewing, but I didn't care cause my love was back home!  In all actuality, it was foolish of me to think I could get the dress completed in that time because 90% of the making of it consisted of draping the lace and soft tulle.  The dress took me waaaaay longer that I had originally thought...over 110 hours!! In the end, the crazy press to complete it and all the hours was totally worth it to see the look on my Greg's face!!!

I eventually want to add orange blossom vines to the front of the dress and over the shoulder, but I need to locate more original blossoms.  I am also going to be making a new suite of underwear to go under it.  The sheerness of the tulle at the shoulders kept me from wearing my already made princess petticoat and corset cover, so new undies are in the planning stage!!

Fabrics Used: 

Poly Satin from Hobby Lobby
Soft poly veil tulle from JoAnn's Bridal Collection
Lace from JoAnn's Bridal Collection

Patterns Used:

Dress Base: Laughing Moon #104 greatly modified
Over draping: all tulle and lace draping was draped by me...that took the longest time!!

Following are images of my dress followed by the original.  At the bottom are "action" pics of me wearing it at the party.  I did a lot of editing as any shade of white on a sunny day photos horribly!!!

Again, photos of the original dress, courtesy of  Antique Dress

Here she is!!!

Action Shots!!

I hope you have a lovely week dear readers and friends!!  I am off to watch Austenland and contemplate future bridal dresses that need to be made by September!!